Zen yoga and meditation

Zen yoga and meditation is back!. No experience is required.

Mondays 7.30-8.30pm.

Mats are provided.

Just £25 for 4 classes if booked in advance, or £8.50 per session. For more information please email Emma Hudson.


Ok –so how does Zen Yoga differ from the plethora of styles out there? what makes it different to Hatha? Astanga? Bikram? or Iyengar?

Well, for a start it is done at room temperature, its not athletic, and I very rarely use any props, but the postures remain exactly the same.

Its HOW its done that differs.

So Zen means to Sit, to Meditate, so Zen Yoga encourages us to get into a Meditative state, as we discover ourselves, through the postures.

Its done slowly, and mindfully; we learn to listen to our bodies as we are practicing, and also our minds - we start to question ourselves as we maybe strive to get to the perfect posture, compete with the next person on the mat to us, or maybe compete with ourselves as we struggle with a move. We listen, we learn, we become mindful.

I like to bring a theme to every class, so I like to open the class with a very small introduction of what that theme is. This week it was ' Being Happy With Where Our Bodies Are - Right Now - In This Present Moment.' I welcome interaction, but equally there is never any pressure to become involved.

I am experimenting right now with bringing music into the class, so we can focus on the music, and our breath when we are practising - its being well received.

I encourage a small amount of Meditation at the end of the class, to still our minds and leave on a Zen calm. This is done laying down.

The classes require no experience, mats are provided, and the atmosphere is one of calm with the addition of a giggle or two!

Emma Hudson

Contact me by email

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